About P&A

Almost two years ago I started this blog because I was dreaming about the virtual space to discover the secret world of Psychopathy & Art Style. I have created this style many years ago and I use it for writing and taking photos.

Psychopathy & Art Style (based on NOIR) by Ewa Dudkiewicz Narcissistic - beautiful and in love with herself; Obsessive - perfectionist to the extreme; Impulsive - under the mask of calm, hiding the wildest urges; Realistic - grounded in the experience of reality and seeking inspiration in the surrounding world.

When people ask me...

When people ask me about:

Can you show differences between photography in the P&Art Style and general photography?

Are you a psychopath?

I would to make it clear, but there is more to this than meets the eye. I`ve heard this questions many times -by the way, always both in the same time :) because there is the strong tendency to look at it in this way... what makes matters even worse...

In next post I would like to illustrate a first topic (However, it must also be said that personality of author is crucial significance to the understanding of his/her work).

To take example three photos about the way / path:

As we can see - our intension makes style of photography.
Psychopathy & Art Style is created by dangerous intensions.

Try yourself

Imagine that you are standing in the dark behind your camera and you`re watching for the right moment to shoot... to shoot the photo, of course!

Do you like touching reality for personal use?

Do you feel comfortable taking risk?

This is the time to try yourself.